What We Do

We see housing as a convergence point that is connected to many of the issues we face in society, from the housing and cost of living crises to the epidemic of loneliness, poor wellbeing and the impact of our built environment on the planet too.

That’s why we wanted to do something about it, to turn housing from part of the problem to an influential part of the solution!!

We help empower, activate and enable communities and individuals to solve their local housing issues using WikiHouse buildings.

We offer a range of services to help people at every stage of the process – from providing informative workshops, offer a range of pre-designed smart designs and our local manufacturing facilities in Cumbria.


Informative workshops

Smart Design

WikiHouse building designs


Efficient & local manufacturing facilities


We offer a range of digital fabrication services  including:

  • WikiHouse design & manufacturing

  • CNC routing services

  • Bespoke furniture

  • Educational workshops


CNC Machine

CNC routing

What We Make




Everything you can think of, big or small. We can help you create anything from versatile office pods and self contained cabins, to community halls, cafes, toilet blocks and retail spaces. The possibilities are endless.




We offer a range of compact and modular homes. Whether you’re looking for something nestled into the landscape, or to put down roots with a more spacious building, take a look at our Homes and start getting some inspiration.


WikiHouse is a modular building system that makes it easy to design, manufacture and assemble high-performance homes and small buildings.

It’s revolutionising the way we build and offers self-builders a new energy efficient ‘hand built’ alternative!

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Wikihouse Construction

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low cost


WikiHouse is based on a distributed manufacturing model where small local workshops such as ourselves produce WikiHouse components for their local area.

These components can then be assembled by hand to form the structural shell of the building in super quick build times!

WikiHouse offers many advantages including being versatile, lightweight yet super strong, very energy efficient, sustainable, easy to assemble by hand and carbon negative! What’s not to love!

About Us

We are a passionate bunch!

We show you that building with ‘People Power’ is possible. Using WikiHouse, together we can build homes, we can build spaces and we can create places that are great for people, community and the planet.

Just talk to us about your idea and let’s see what we can create!

Digital Woodoo WikiHouse
Digital Woodoo Team

the team

WikiHouse drawing

We imagine a self-build revolution, a future where people can easily build their own affordable, sustainable and energy efficient homes and spaces.

The simplicity of the WikiHouse system means that it can be transported to any location and assembled with little to no knowledge of construction. Just bring a mallet, a few friends and we ca help you build your own home or space!

Community Led Housing

We believe communities are best placed to solve their own housing problems, that those closest to the problem probably have a pretty good idea on the best solution.

That’s where we want to help!

We work alongside individuals and communities that want to solve their local housing issues and need some WikiHouse expertise! We work with our amazing architect partners Architecture Unknown to find the right WikiHouse solution to a specific local housing problem.

It all starts with a call…so get in touch!


Community Housing

community solutions