WikiHouse is pretty cool, honestly!

Think precision manufacturing meets eco-construction, its smart design, rapid build process, eco-credentials and cost point make this a truly revolutionary build method.

In a world where we are struggling with multiple crises – from environmental degradation to the ever-present housing and the cost of living crisis, WikiHouse offers a glimmer of hope on how we might be able to make things a little better in the built environment.

So what’s so great about it? Read on to find out more…

4 Big Benefits:

Smart Design:

WikiHouse have ‘designed in’ the construction knowledge and complexity to create ‘high-tech’ off-site 0.1mm precision manufactured components.

The engineered structural blocks are cleverly designed so that they are error-proof – they only fit together the right way during assembly! Precision manufacturing means straight walls, good airtightness and streamlines many later building processes.

Rigorous research and development means every detail has been integrated into the design – from generous insulation space to internal service cavities and ducting holes for easy services installation. Fitting insulation, wiring, plumbing, heating, ventilation, wall coverings and internal fixtures is effortless and super quick during the build, and easily accessible for maintenance once you’ve moved in!

Speedy Construction:

Blocks are simple and easy to fit together, resulting in ‘low tech’ and ‘low skill’ rapid building by hand. Enabling and empowering more people to build.


High quality net-zero buildings built using efficient CNC manufacturing using sustainable and recyclable ply make this a true eco-friendly choice!

Environmentally Sustainable:

Unlike traditional construction, the sustainable plywood used in WikiHouse builds sequester carbon, with an average sized WikiHouse sequestering around 17 tonnes of carbon! Additionally efficient CNC manufacturing produces minimal waste and we recycle all of our waste plywood. On top of that, 80% of the fabric from our buildings can be re-used to build again!

Cost Effective Energy Efficient Building:

Intelligent design features such as precision manufacturing, more insulation and better airtightness reduce the building fabric heat loss. As a result, WikiHouse builds achieve significantly better energy efficiency than the current building standards and lowering space heating costs by nearly 60%. All this for the same construction cost as an equivalent traditional build!

Cost Effective:

For the same cost as a traditional build, WikiHouse offers quicker build times, easier maintenance and better energy efficiency, meaning lower energy demand and lower bills!

Want to find out more?
WikiHouse commissioned an extensive research project with Leeds Beckett University and you can read the whole report here.

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