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  • What is WikiHouse?

    We appreciate that many of you might be new to the concept of WikiHouse, so wanted to explain a bit more about what it is, how it works and what you

  • Advantages of WikiHouse

    WikiHouse is pretty cool, honestly! Think precision manufacturing meets eco-construction, its smart design, rapid build process, eco-credentials and cost point make this a truly revolutionary build method. In a world where we

  • Sustainable Innovation in Our Built Environment

    We were recently asked to speak at a local sustainability event, the our buildings can be more sustainable. I got right to the task of outlining my talk; I wanted to

  • mass customised housing

    Revolutionising Mass Customised Housing with WikiHouse

    Mass customised housing is gaining attention as a solution to the housing crisis, able to meet the diverse needs of homeowners while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Wikihouse has emerged as a promising technology, combining